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About 5RiversOnline

5RiversOnline is a comprehensive and supplemental online school open to any Minnesota K-12 learner.

We recognize that for some of our families a virtual learning environment works best. Families considering 5RiversOnline are encouraged to work with their resident school district to determine if this is a good fit for the learner. Learners enrolled in 5RiversOnline are expected to make regular daily and weekly progress. 

5RiversOnline Elementary

Kindergarten through Grade 6. 

Curriculum aligned to MN standards. 

MN licensed teachers. 

Daily synchronous learning with teacher and learner interaction along with peer-to-peer interaction.

Learners are expected to complete assigned asynchronous daily learning activities.

Learners may need to log in for interventions in reading and/or math as needed.

5RiversOnline Secondary

Grade 7 through 12. 

Curriculum aligned to MN standards.

MN licensed teachers. 

Advisory and advisory cohorts connect learners with an advisor and peers in 2-year bands: Grades 7-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12.

Learners meet virtually on a weekly basis 1:1 with an advisor and with advisory cohorts (gr. 7-8 meet daily and gr. 9-12 meet weekly).

Learners are expected to log in to each class with workday flexibility. Attendance is based on log in and work completion. 

Teachers may schedule asynchronous 1:1, small group, or full group sessions to advance the learning progression.

  • Who can enroll in 5RiversOnline?
    5RiversOnline is a comprehensive K-12 school open to all learners residing in Minnesota. There is no cost to attend 5RiversOnline if you live in Minnesota. Students enroll in 5RiversOnline as full-time learners.
  • How do I enroll?
    Click the "Enroll" button on this website to begin the enrollment process and our friendly staff will contact you to complete the process.
  • Is there an enrollment deadline?
    No. Families across Minnesota may enroll in 5RiversOnline at any time.
  • Are there fees for 5RiversOnline?
    5RiversOnline is open to all residents across Minnesota, free of charge. There is no tuition for these learners.
  • Are classes live online or flexible?
    Both. Teachers will have live sessions regularly with learners. Learners in grades K-6 will be live with their teacher each day. As learners move through grades 7-12, their independent learning increases. Teachers maintain regular meetings with secondary learners. Parents/guardians have bi-monthly meetings with a teacher through grade 8 and monthly meetings in high school.
  • What is 5RiversOnlines Learning Management System?
    5RiversOnline learners use Google Classroom to access their courses. Learner grades and other information for parents/guardians are posted in Infinite Campus.
  • Does 5RiversOnline provide devices and technology to their learners?
    5RiversOnline provides devices to learners that have the software and support to start learning online with us.
  • What devices are provided to learners?
    Learners in grades K-12 will use a Chromebook. Devices will be provided to learners enrolled in 5RiversOnline. Information about how you will receive your device will be provided upon completion of registration and selection of courses (for secondary learners).
  • Where can we find technology support?
    5RiversOnline has dedicated support personnel from our Technology Department. Find answers to common support questions at our technology support page (use URL below).
  • What is the workload in 5RiversOnline?
    This will vary greatly due because education is unique to each individual learner. In general, there is one to two hours of work per day for elementary learners and there are three to five hours of work per day for secondary learners. These estimates may vary due to projects assigned in the course of the semester.
  • How experienced are your teachers?
    5RiversOnline is staffed by experienced teachers who have been hired and trained by our districts. We maintain high expectations for our teachers. They are knowledgeable and skilled at teaching learners in person and in online classrooms.
  • Will all AP classes be available online?
    Yes! Ask us about the 5RiversOnline course catalogue.
  • How far in advance is the curriculum loaded/available for the learner to work through?
    For some classes, everything is available from the first day of class. This will depend on the grade level and course.
  • How does the curriculum handle lab work for classes like biology?
    5RiversOnline will help provide supplies with an interactive lab for learners.
  • How is 5RiversOnline different from other online schools?
    5RiversOnline is a collaborative partnership with six districts - Cannon Falls, Goodhue, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Lake City, Red Wing and Zumbrota Mazeppa. We have a 95 percent plus graduation rate and our learners' academic achievement routinely exceeds state averages. Each of our districts provide excellent education and we are bringing that excellence to any of their learners who want an online experience. At the elementary level, we provide more live time with a teacher than other online programs. Teachers launch lessons live with learners beginning with a morning meeting, have daily check-ins, and meet with learners throughout the school day. Specialist teachers provide direct instruction in physical education, music and art. Our secondary teachers are deep content experts, hired and trained by our schools, who use their expertise to enhance the online curriculum. They are skilled at building relationships with learners and ensure that parents/guardians are involved to support their child's learning. At all levels, we provide support services including social workers, psychologists, English language learning, special education, and other services traditionally available at physical school buildings.
  • Is it possible for online students to join school athletics and activities?
    5RiversOnline students are considered part of their resident district. You may participate in school activities, including athletics in your resident district.
  • How does 5RiversOnline compare to other national/state online options?
    What is unique about 5RiversOnline is the additional synchronous support that teachers provide, both in the form of “live” lesson launches each day and the frequent virtual conferences that are held between teachers, students and families. 5RiversOnline uses proven instructional strategies and an established online curriculum.
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