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Life at 5RO

K-6 Learner's Schedule

K-6 learners log in each day from 8:00AM up to 11:20AM and then at other assigned times in the school week.

Peer-to-peer interaction is included daily.

Other times of the day are flexible for the learner to complete asynchronous assignments.

Coming Soon

7-12 Learner's Schedule

7-12 learners log in each school day as designated by the learner's schedule.

Learners meet 1:1 regularly with their advisor.

Learners meet with advisory cohorts regularly.


Extracurricular Activities

We encourage our 5RiversOnline learners to stay connected with their resident community and school district.


5RiversOnline learners may participate in extracurricular  activities and/or athletics in their resident district.

5RiversOnline learners are subject to all MSHSL rules and regulations.

Resident District's Activities Department

Cannon Falls



Lake City

Red Wing


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